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  • Is a vegan diet healthy, do I get all the nutrients I require?

    Many people believe that vegan diets are unhealthy or do not supply a person with the sufficient nutrients like Calcium and Iodine. But this is incorrect all of the nutrients that are found in a meat diet can be achieved with a balanced vegan diet. As a quick example Kelp is a good source of iodine and calcium enriched Soya can supply the calcium needed. Our health section has more detailed ways to control a vegan diet. Vegans may also have a reduced rate of dieing from heart disease, cancer or developing diabetes.


  • What does it mean to be vegan?

    Vegan is not just a word but a way of life. The typical explanation of a vegan is someone who does not eat or use any animal meat or products which can include:

    Some people choose to be vegan due to the cruel treatment of animals which is discussed in the environment section of, whereas some people choose to be vegan for health reasons. Being a vegan is about tailoring the diet and product choices to what you believe in and why you made the decision to go vegan.

  • My product says 99% vegan, but has a vegan label on it, why?

    Many of the products are made with 100% vegan products but may be produced on a manufacturing line that also makes products that use milk for example. A lot of chocolates may say 99% vegan. This again is about choosing your own line, there is very little risk of cross contamination in the food but if this is a problem for you then purchase from some of our products which are not made on these manufacturing lines. Or email or phone us and we will be glad to tell you which products are suitable for you.


  • I am a new vegan, where do i start?

    New vegans often have trouble knowing what items are truly vegan friendly. Here at we do all that hard work for you, all of the products on the site are 100% vegan friendly and also because of this, suitable for vegetarians
    Also the site stores a large amount of
    recipes and guides and also a forum to help new vegans get their hands green.
    Starting with some nice simple recipes and guidelines will get you down the path to being a true vegan. Try browsing through the
    new to vegan section


  • Are all your products vegan friendly? prides itself on being an all vegan site; the products are all thouroughly checked and are 100% vegan. They are also suitable for vegetarians. We feel that a site like should sell only vegan products so that there is no confusion on the website and so that there are no worries of cross contamination in our warehouse.
    We want you to be able to put your trust in our community and in us so that when something is ordered from the store and it arrives you know that it is 100% vegan and you do not have to check the packaging to make sure.
    Vegetarians are also welcome with open arms to visit the
    , so are omnivores if they want to try something different. We have starter sets and boxes to get people going on a healthy, vegan food diet.


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